One less voice

France 24 

I wasn’t a terribly frequent visitor to France 24’s website, but as an English-language expression of the French view of the world, I thought it was a timely and useful alternative to the big media outlets of the “Anglosphere” like CNN and the BBC. Unfortunately, it appears that French President Nicolas Sarkozy does not feel the same way, since he announced on Tuesday that he would be cancelling the year-old channel. “With taxpayers’ money, I am not prepared to broadcast a channel that does not speak French,” he told the media.

What a pity.



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3 responses to “One less voice

  1. This is very weird, for i thought it was available in French as well. But I guess i’ll hear about it in the Canard Enchaîné. They always wittily talk about all the most interesting stuff so i’ll come up with more informations soon.

    For now, i can tell you that Sarkozy hates Chirac, and France 24 happens to be one of the more cherished project that Chirac had. He just kept at it for years, until it was finally launched a year ago. So for now, I’m seeing this as a revenge against Chirac.

    It should be known that the channel is the merging between TF1 and F2, TF1 being the private channel always spewing right-wing propaganda, albeit in a much more subtle fashion than Fox News.

    Just took a look at the France24 website and they don’t seem to be hanging any “Closing Soon” sign…
    I think the point Sarkozy made was not that he wanted a channel that would speak French (it already does). He wants a channel that ONLY speaks French. Cause it’s paid by the French I’m guessing.

  2. Thanks, littlehorn. Your point about Sarkozy’s potential anti-Chirac motivation is an excellent hypothesis. And re the language issue, you’re quite right: that’s exactly what Sarkozy meant.

  3. You’re welcome. Le canard enchaîné doesn’t mention anything about this story. I guess there’s really nothing interesting to say then…

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