On the never-aging topic of From Here to Eternity (see longer post below), a quick pointer to a superb essay on “the manliness of Montgomery Clift” by Self-Styled Siren, who writes:

It’s often observed that the post-war Method actors redefined masculinity. It is more precise to say that Montgomery Clift (who was not entirely a Method actor anyway) expanded the definition. Forever afterward, a man on screen would seem half-formed if the actor could not suggest some sort of inner life, no matter how much derring-do was shown. And exposing that inner life takes nerve, nerve that Clift had in abundance.

Once you’ve read that and have developed an enlarged understanding of what real acting’s all about, here’s a posting of mine on Stephen Fry’s recent contribution to the world of blogging. The post is over on sans everything, a blog that’s been on the roll here for weeks now, but which I’ve never formally introduced to readers. Well, I’m introducing it now: sans everything covers subjects ranging from politics to philosophy to comics to animal rights to the media, and it’s written, more importantly, by three superb Canadian journalist/authors: John Haffner, Jeet Heer, and A. M. Lamey — oh, and me. Do drop by, and leave behind lots of incisive comments.


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