Fighting a four-front war

In Myanmar (that’s Burma, you pinko!), William Kristol discovers another evil country to wage war against:

Couldn’t we use other military and intelligence capabilities to put more stress on the regime? As Sen. Joseph Lieberman has suggested, “The junta has tried to cut off the ability of peaceful demonstrators to communicate to the outside world through the Internet and cellphone networks; we should be examining how the junta’s ability to command and control its forces throughout the country might itself be disrupted.” What about limited military actions, overt or covert, against the regime’s infrastructure — its military headquarters, its intelligence apparatus, its rulers’ lavish palaces? Couldn’t such actions have a deterrent effect, or might not they help open up fissures in the regime? Have we really done all we can to avert the disaster that is unfolding?

Well, I suppose it would give U.S. Special Forces something to practice on as they while away the time waiting to attack Iran. Hate to see those guys underemployed.


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